Saturday, June 24, 2017

Did you ever Notice Arcata, California? It's Simply Wonderful.

Music Video: Blue Rhythm Revue.
"With a little help from my friends" by The Beatles

Geology ROCKS!
Did you ever Notice that our new University President
Is wearing a "Star Trek" Uniform in the Photo
of the Art Department on Campus?

Welcome Home, Sister

Arcata's a Lovely town on California's North Coast
about Halfway between San Francisco and Seattle

Very Close to the Oregon Border in the State Of Jefferson.

And That's what we do here...
Why not come and Visit?

U2 can Bliss Out, Now

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What if you wanted to know More about this GEM of a Town?

Click on the Links:
"I see by Your T-Shirt That You are an FBI Agent,
You see by my T-Shirt that I'm an FBI Agent, Too..
If you get a T-Shirt then You could be an FBI Agent,
Mumble mumble mumble I forgot the last Line..."
Sung to the tune "Streets of Laredo"

However, all the accurate Lyrics are on Darryl's website.
Sadly, This Contest is Over and it is TOO LATE to Enter.
But You Can Still Download the Headwaters Forest Coloring Book!
You could learn to play a musical instrument.
For Example: The Steel Pans
Dan Aldag teaches a fine General Education Course
"The History of Rock and Roll."
I took it and Had a Great Time...

Dan has been seen playing Trombone in The Fortuna Bandemonium.
at the Humboldt Folklife Festival in Blue Lake.
Singer Wrong Righter, Lila Nelson. Righting Wrong Thru Song.
and Lila's brother "Tofu" Mike Schwartz
Who will do the Sound Mixing For and Event
or Play the Drums.
You Could Read a Good Book at the Humboldt County Library.
Mr. Bill plays the drums for Vintage Rock and Soul.
Two Street Music is on Second Street in Eureka! I have Found It, CA
100 Year Party Celebrating Alexander Humboldt,
The Last Man who Knew Everything There Was to Know.
Tim Day slappa da Bass.
Tim Day is an electric bass player, drummer, and composer based out of Eureka, CA. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, he picked up the guitar at the age of 5 and began playing. Over the years Tim also picked up the drums and bass and continues to develop as a musician.

Currently, Tim has been playing drums for local group Vintage Soul for 11 years, and he plays bass for local group
 Blue Rhythm Revue now in their 4th year. He has played at local bars, clubs, private shows, and festivals in and around Humboldt county.
Winner Best Singer Award: Samantha Toste
of the Blue Rhythm Review.

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And, Now for something Completely Different:
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Firesign Theater Temporary Humbolt County
No it's not Permanently Humboldt County,
It's THC.
Supposedly Named by A Yurok Tribal member.
Looking for a Job? Search CALJOBS by Zip Code
Or Find a Job anywhere in California

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