Sunday, July 2, 2017

Alternative words for Marijuana so you can post to Facebook without Homeland Security putting you on a list.

13, M, MJ, ganja, The Nice, The Kind, Bud, hemp, hashish, boo, weed, reefer, herb, tea, grass, joint, wacky tabaky and the ever popular... medicine. Know any others? Comment...

GV: pot, Acapulco gold, Maui wowie, Panama red, bhang, cannabis, doobie, dope, ganja, loco weed, maryjane, roach, sinsemilla and "The Mule" because it kicks you in the head...

KA responds: I can never spell the word anyway. And thank god I live in Australia where I post openly.

GV: By the way, if you post all these words you are certain to be added to the list. and... Australians are added to the list too... because we have Reciprocity of Echelon. US, Great Britan and Australia share "signals intellegence".

LH responds: a bud of mine (pun intended lol) used to call it a tuna sandwich..ya know, i got the bread, you got any tuna? lets make it a ex husband used to call it car parts...i just love code names lol

GV: A dealer I knew sold on the telephone and was concerned about Lawn Forcement wiretapping. So he would call up and say he had "Tickets" to the (insert name) concert. Row 8 seat 25. 1/8th of an Ounce cost $25. That way he could name the weight and price in code.

Link to an article with the list of words:

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