Thursday, July 20, 2017

Now is the time to tell your Senators that you want to FIX Obamacare or start Single Payer Medicare for all. Ask them to vote NO on Trumpcare.

If you can't go to their office in person, write 'em a letter, email 'em or use social media to contact them... We have to take action or they will continue to do what the 1% pays them to do. Remember, Senators are elected to office and so a vast wave of rage will make them question the wisdom of obeying their corporate masters.

Use this link to find your Senator's Email Contact form.

Senator Elizabeth Warren states that Trump has hired 193 Corporate CEOs and lobbyists to run the government. They represent the wishes of the 1% and fail to represent what we the people want.

Note that Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon is Secretary of State... The Russians have vast oil deposits in Siberia and Exxon would like to drill there but... Obama imposed sanctions on doing business with Russia... That's why there is so much collusion between Trump and Putin. They want to drill for oil in Siberia... More profit for Exxon and Putin at the expense of America.

Occupy the Senate... We the People refuse to support Trumpcare, a tax bill pretending to be a healthcare bill. Written by 13 old white men and their lobbyists in secret, it represents the wishes of Corporate Greed Freaks at the expense of American People.

Be aware that CNN, MSNBC and FOX do not tell the complete story. They report news that attracts viewers so they can sell advertisements. It's a form of corporate brainwashing with the goal of selling you a car or a drug... Alternatives exist. Free Speech TV, Link TV and PBS.

Did you ever notice the advertisements for a lobbyist group for the oil and gas industry? They feel it's worth their money to buy TV advertisements singing the praises of Fossil Fuel... Why? Why would they want to influence public opinion? Because they want you to simply accept their destruction of the environment in order to increase corporate profits. That's why. The AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE sponsors many bizarre advertisements with outrageously false claims. It's difficult to sell Fracking to the American people because of the obvious danger to people's health. Poisoning our drinking water... but That's the goal... brainwashing with pretty images and stirring music... "Oil Pumps Life? That's absurd!

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