Thursday, September 20, 2018

Generate Electricity and Clean Drinking Water AT THE SAME TIME. A Solar Powered Desalinization Plant Would Convert Seawater into Energy, Pure H2O and NaCl.

 We ought to build a giant solar power desalinization plant in Southern California. Convert Seawater into drinking water, salt and electricity.  It would use solar reflectors to boil seawater and create steam. That steam would be used to drive turbines and create electricity. When the water cools it condenses into pure H2O and salt. The water would be sold to people for drinking, washing, watering livestock and watering plants. The salt could be sold or returned to the ocean if there are not enough customers... Camp Pendleton near San Diego would be an ideal location. Southern California is in need of water. There is a current proposal to use pipelines to move fresh water from the Sacramento River to be used by farmers and residents in SoCal. An alternative would be to just get the water from the ocean... We should also stop watering lawns in California. It's a cultural norm that is not practical in a state that is suffering drought. What if it became fashionable to have rock gardens or cactus? That's what they do in Arizona...

Using solar energy we could build a power plant that delivers both
clean drinking water and electricity.
Simply use the sun to boil seawater and let the steam 

spin a turbine and then condense it as rain... 
When Water changes state from Liquid to Gas it expands and the steam would be shooting out of the black pipe rapidly...

Here are 19 More Simple Ideas to make the world a better place to live...

2. Convert human fat into electricity using exercise bicycle power generators. The kinetic energy created by people pedalling can be converted into electricity by using an alternator, diode and battery. Many people use stationary bicycles for exercise and these currently unused sources of power could be used to create electricity. People could sell the electricity to the power company.

3. We ought to cut spending at the Department of Defense and use the money for valuable projects. Simply stop the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and all those secret locations. Bring the soldiers and the weapons home. We currently waste a vast fortune on wars that accomplish nothing. We could spend the trillions currently wasted on Medicare for all, infrastructure, teacher's salaries or school supplies. Remember that the US Military has not DEFENDED the USA since 1945. We have only invaded other countries... Often, our invasions cause disaster. For Example: When we helped Saddam Hussein become President and then blew up Iraq. Not a brilliant idea. Then we left stockpiles of weapons that were stolen by ISIS, Arming Terrorists. If we had just stayed home we could have saved six trillion dollars... The War in Afghanistan is impossible to win. Why not "Declare Victory", bring the troops home and have big parades?

4. We ought to legalize and tax marijuana nationwide. Release all cannabis prisoners. This would reduce government spending and increase VOLUNTARY taxes collected. The prisoners could spend their time working for a living and supporting their own families. That would reduce the costs of welfare and food stamps.

5. We ought to impeach Trump. He is taking the country in the wrong direction. His agenda is to cut taxes for the rich and reduce pollution control costs in corporations. He wants to increase drilling for oil, gas and coal mining. That causes more pollution. Burning fossil fuels causes global warming. Climate Change will make large parts of the USA uninhabitable. The Gulf Coast and the East Coast will have hurricanes every year. The destruction will become more than we are able to repair.

6. We ought to fund basic research into clean energy projects. Better electric cars, solar energy, wind energy and wave/tidal power plants. Better batteries... Better air conditioners... We are fighting for our lives. This should be funded like The Manhattan Project of World War Two or the Moon Landing.

7. We ought to reduce the amount of electricity used. Marijuana farms often use grow lights indoors to simulate sunshine needed for plants to grow. We could simply move all farms outdoors. These indoor farms often use stolen power that is unregulated. I have seen explosions at the Humboldt Bay power plant due to unforeseen surges of electricity use. The criminals tap the power on the street side of the power meter to avoid paying for electricity. That makes the power companies guess about consumption and how big transformers need to be. Another way to reduce demand is to teach people that transformers consume electricity even when not being used if they are connected to the wall outlet. We should teach people that a power strip with an on/off switch can cut their bill.

8. We ought to reduce the amount of gasoline used by commuters by moving the office closer to home. Every day people commute to work and if corporations moved the location of office buildings to residential locations, we would save gas, increase time spent away from work and increase happiness of workers. For Example: Silicon Valley and San Francisco have many jobs for people that create software. The tech corporations have headquarters where the employees work. People drive many miles thru traffic jams to get to those headquarters. A better plan would be to split the corporate headquarterss to many different locations in the suburbs. The people could co-ordinate their labor using the internet. The price of housing in Silicon Valley is very expensive in comparison to towns in the central valley. People should pay attention to commute time as an important factor in selecting a job. Currently people pay attention to pay rate, benefits and child care when selecting which job to take. They ought to have a choice of shorter commutes as well. It's an insane waste of time to drive to work. Riding the bus is much more fun.

9. We ought to change the EPA from Enabling Pollution Agency to Environmental Protection Agency. Under the Trump Administration we have seen a reduction of enforcement of laws prohibiting corporations from polluting the environment. Scott Pruitt wants to cut the costs corporations pay for ecology. And in a bizarre twist, he wants to change the rules for scientific research to prohibit health studies that protect the privacy of the people studied. HIPPA requires health information to remain private in any study of people's health. He also wants to prohibit reports from scientists that do business with the EPA while allowing reports from people hired by lobbyists. This would shift the reports in favor of polluting companies.

10. We ought to outlaw assault rifles. We outlawed machine guns and hand grenades in 1934. There is no need for assault rifles. NRA members often say that they need guns for hunting... So, we ought to allow rifles but not assault rifles. NRA members often say we need guns to protect our families... So, pistols can protect our families. We do not need bazookas, rocket launchers or anti-aircraft guns... We ought to protect our citizens from insane gunmen with assault rifles. Las Vegas, Columbine and Florida would not have been a mass murder without absurd firepower. Remember, when you have a gun in the home there is an increase in the chances of a gun accident. Suicide, shooting a family member during an argument and kids playing with guns actually increase the danger at home. NRA members say that we need guns to defend ourselves from the government. In a "Police State" the government keeps the people enslaved by first, taking away all the guns. They point to the USSR as an example. However, the police and US Army have vastly superior firepower and any defense of liberty by We The People is doomed to fail. Remember WACO and Ruby Ridge?

11. Police ought to stop murdering black men. Not only is it morally wrong to commit murder but it costs the taxpayers a lot of money. There is very little murder of white people by police but the culture of the police force seems to encourage murder of blacks. We ought to replace metal bullets with rubber bullets in all of our police forces. Rubber bullets do not kill people but they do cause a suspect to fall down and become easy to handcuff.

12. Remove corporate money from politics. Individual real people should be allowed to contribute to candidate's election fund but artificial "people" like corporations should be prohibited. They are only used to allow rich people to exceed limits of how much money anyone can contribute. This leads to what is in effect bribery. Politicians do what they are paid to do... pass laws that benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor. What we have now is one dollar one vote not one man one vote like the founding fathers wanted. PAC (political action committees) are another way to allow rich people to exceed limits.

13. Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics. Let Doctors and Patients decide what drugs are beneficial treatment. There is a body of medical research that says some illegal drugs help people with mental health problems. For Example: Termanilly Ill people who fear their own death could be given psychedelics to ease their fear. That would be compassionate... What is gained by prohibition? The patients are going to die anyway... We simply do not know enough about health benefits to make an informed decision about medicinal psychedelics. We ought to learn.

14. Make companies that sell addictive opioid drugs pay extra taxes to fund treatment for patients that want to quit using their drugs. They caused a problem and profited by it... they should pay to clean up the mess.

15. We ought to take action to defend our elections. The Russians interfered with our election in 2016 causing Trump to win. Without Wikileaks, Trump would have lost. We also should stop using the electoral college. Majority Rule is a better system. Twice we have had the loser in the Presidential Election serve as President. Both times were disasters.

16. Free birth control and abortion for all. No one should be forced to give birth to an unwanted child. Choice should be available to anyone including people who cannot afford it.

17. Outlaw fracking. It causes drinking water pollution. The only people who benefit are the stockholders of oil companies. Water pollution causes health problems... real people get sick...

18. Outlaw ROUNDUP herbicide. It causes cancer. This chemical is widely used in the farming of California's central valley. Non Hodgskins lymphoma is killing real people who work on the farms.

19. Close all Nuclear Power Plants. They create Atomic Waste that stays Radioactive for thousands of years. AND POISONOUS... The waste has to be stored safely and guarded to prevent terrorists from building a "Dirty Bomb" using the Depleted Uranium. Vast salaries will be spent on Armed Security Guards and warehouses.

20. Teach "Critical Thinking" in High School. Knowing when someone is lying to you is a valuable survival skill.
Introduce students to "Logical Fallacies" so they will be able to recognise them.

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Even Now when Everyone Agrees that the War In Iraq was Astonishingly Stupid Idea... Candidates are criticized for Protesting Against The War.

It’s 2018 and Candidates Are Still Running Attack Ads Against Iraq War Protesters...
Perhaps it’s time for a new strategy.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally, both current members of Congress, are locked in a tight contest in the race to succeed retiring Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake. McSally, who touts the endorsement of President Donald Trump despite refusing to say whether she voted for him, has represented a Tucson-area seat since 2014, and long before that was the first woman ever to fly combat missions as an Air Force fighter pilot. Sinema has grown increasingly conservative since coming to Congress in 2012, but she got her start in Arizona politics as a Green Party spokesperson and vocal anti-war activist.

Republicans #RunAway from Trump and his Flying Monkeys... Peter Kopf of Delaware resigns from GOP Leadership...
Top Republican in Delaware resigns from party, blasts GOP Senate nominee. Peter Kopf, who has served in the state party's executive committee since last year, explained his decision to resign in a letter to his fellow members last week that was obtained by the news site.

“Mr. Arlett lacks the character and integrity needed to lead our Ticket and receive my support,” wrote Kopf, according to The News Journal.

NO NUKES! Growing Opposition Threatens Completion of Last U.S. Nuclear Plant. Primary owners of Georgia’s Vogtle power plant are set to vote on the project—already years behind schedule, billions over budget The sole remaining nuclear power plant under construction in the U.S. is facing mounting opposition from cities and lawmakers concerned about its rising costs.

What if Trump declares himself "Glorious Leader" and stays in the White House as CZAR? Do elections count anymore? He got fewer votes than Hillary in 2016.
Trump’s Final Days: One day, whether next year, or in 2021, or in 2025, he’ll be asked to leave the White House. What if he won’t go?

What if, after having moved into the White House and gotten comfortable, Donald Trump refuses to check out when his term ends?

Preposterous, you say. No president, not even Trump, would dare to defy 200-plus years of political tradition—not to mention the Constitution—to illegally overstay. But how sure can we be that our norm-busting president won’t attempt to shatter this inviolable standard, too? He and his lawyers have already advanced the specious legal idea that the chief executive can’t be charged with obstruction of justice, thereby placing him above the law. Who’s to say that Trump’s legal advisers might construct some pretext—a national security crisis or charges of election fraud—that would place him above the Constitution and cement his place in the Oval Office?

What if Putin Likes Wants him to remain... as a obedient servant?

Republicans are anti-truth. If Republicans Wanted The Truth About Kavanaugh, They Would Subpoena Mark Judge...
But they don't want truth... they just want this anti-choice whackjob confirmed before the Midterm elections... when We The People throw them out of office...

There’s one person Christine Blasey Ford says was in the room when she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh while they were in high school ― and he appears to publicly back Kavanaugh’s denial that any sexual assault took place.

Yet Republicans are adamant about not calling conservative writer Mark Judge to testify at a hearing set for Monday, resisting Democrats’ demands for additional witnesses, beyond Blasey and Kavanaugh ― even though Judge has backed the Supreme Court nominee’s claim that the accusation is false.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Police Murder ANOTHER Unarmed Black Man. "I was confused..." says Amber Guyger, Killer Cop

The shooting of Botham Jean, a black man who was killed by an off-duty police officer in his own home in Dallas earlier this month, has made its way to Texas’s Senate race.

Democrat Beto O’Rourke recently agreed with calls by Jean’s family and some in Dallas’s broader community for Dallas officer Amber Guyger to be fired. “There has to be a full accounting for how young black men continue to be killed in this country without accountability, without justice, without these full investigations, without respecting their civil rights,” O’Rourke said during a Friday campaign rally. “This cannot continue.”

Sen. Ted Cruz had a different response, arguing that people were rushing to judgment on the case and that O’Rourke and other Democrats were “quick to always blame the police officer.”

“It may well be that two lives were destroyed that night,” Cruz said. “That obviously the individual that was at home in his apartment and found himself murdered — that is horrific and a nightmare.”

He added, “She may have been in the wrong and if a jury of her peers believes that she behaved wrongly then she’ll face the consequences. But I don’t think we should jump to conclusions.”

Great Book: "Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong" by James W. Loewen

It is possible that the History of the USA is incorrect... Written to Promote an Agenda that Favors the Ruling Class...

This updated and revised edition of the American Book Award-winner and national bestseller revitalizes the truth of America’s history, explores how myths continue to be perpetrated, and includes a new chapter on 9/11 and the Iraq War.

Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller could soon be out of Texas classrooms... Moses gets to stay in.
The Texas Board of Education’s vote to revise its curriculum is raising eyebrows.

The Vast Majority of American Voters OPPOSE Kavanaugh for Supreme Court. Republicans "Shoot themselves in the Foot" by rushing his confirmation thru The Senate.

Did you ever notice that there were 200 people protesting against Kavanaugh during the hearings but there were ZERO people protesting in Favor? That's a HINT... Elections are coming and Republicans are going to lose.

American History: The Humboldt County Timber Wars... A Hostile Takeover of Pacific Lumber and Extreme Logging of Old Growth Redwoods in Northern California.

In the 1990s Charles Hurwitz borrowed money (Junk Bonds) from Michael Milken and bought the company Pacific Lumber, located near Eureka, California. Then Hurwitz increased the rate of logging in the Redwood Forest and cut down all the highly profitable trees. Then he split his corporation MAXXAM into two divisions. One division was used to do actual logging and sawing of boards and the other division was used to hide the profits. When the bill came due on the Junk Bonds, Hurwitz declared bankruptcy and took the money back to Texas. Including the pension funds that paid retirement benefits for employees...

Then the Pacific Lumber Company was purchased at a foreclosure sale by The Fisher Family. They had made a fortune selling clothes at a chain of stores called "The Gap". They reintroduced the business plan called "sustainable logging" where the Lumberjacks would only cut down as many trees as grew during the year. This plan was invented by the original owner of Pacific Lumber, Simon J. Murphy... The concept was to cut 1% of the forest every year and plant new trees so that in a hundred years the new trees would have grown big enough to harvest.

Earth First!

During this time there were many ecology protests in Humboldt County. Including "Tree Sits" where forest protectors would build a treehouse in the upper branches of a giant Redwood in order to prevent Lumberjacks from Chainsawing the tree down. It would be possibly fatal for a tree sitter to be in a tree that was falling and the corporations were not willing to risk actual Human Life for profit. (Bad Publicity)... At the Tree Sit I attended MAXXAM Hired a Local man to "Evict" the Tree Sitters by climbing the tree and wrestling with the people... eventually carrying them to the ground where the Police arrested them.

Others committed "Tree Spiking" where large metal nails were driven into the wood of a tree and then the heads of the nails were clipped off. That way, if a tree was at the sawmill and the blade hit the metal, the blade would explode killing millworkers. Once again the corporation was not willing to risk people's lives and so trees that were spiked, were not cut down. The Forest Protectors spray painted the spiked trees so that the Lumberjacks would be aware of the danger.

Still others went to the Offices of Political Leaders and staged "Sit-Ins" where they would handcuff themselves to each other and chant/sing songs while being filmed by TV Cameras... At one of these events the local police used pepper spray on the protestors who were young women. The young women screamed loudly... and it was filmed by TV Stations. When this was broadcast on the TV News it outrages the citizens of California... There is a biological reaction to young women being harmed... This Media Event lead to a massive protest Statewide and the California Legislature Bought a Large Tract of Land and created the Headwaters Forest Park... The park protecting a stand of Old Growth Redwoods near Fortuna, California. It is a pretty park with a paved trail that is popular with people that have wheeled vehicles like bicycles, wheelchairs, skateboards and baby buggies. The hike from the parking lot to the Giant Redwood Trees is about five miles and simply too far for most people to walk but it's easy for people on wheels.

Another technique used to stop the logging was Scientific Ecology Studies that concluded that the Spotted Owl was losing it's habitat and it was in danger of going extinct. See Illustration below...

Two members of the Ecology Group Earth First! were bombed by the FBI in Oakland. There was a Trial and the FBI agreed to award the Survivor a large cash settlement but denied doing anything wrong. Judi Beri died and  Darryl Cherney Survived. He has retired from Activism but still performs as the leader of a musical group. They sing satire protest songs...

Full Text of a Newspaper Article I wrote for The Humboldt State University Lumberjack Newspaper about a Tree Sit in Freshwater, California
Link to the Headwaters Forest Coloring Book.
Photographs of a Hike in the Headwaters Forest.

Another Republican Swamp Monster: Secretary of Agriculture Perdue...

Trump originally promised a 12 Billion Dollar Bailout for Farmers, now it's 6 Billion for Soybeans only... Promises Made, Promises Broken... The USDA, under the Trump administration, has moved to roll back a series of regulations opposed by industry, to the chagrin of health and food safety advocates.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has formed a 14-person committee to study how much salt and potassium is safe for Americans to eat. The study is known as the review of the Dietary Reference Intakes for sodium and potassium. The USDA is one of six sponsors for the committee and its study.

Emails from late January show that USDA official and former industry lobbyist Tkacz, other top USDA appointees and a team from Food Directions, which has lobbied for the National Restaurant Association and Grocery Manufacturers Association, got together for an in-person meeting. Following that meeting, the group's senior director of food policy writes to USDA'S Tkacz, "As promised, attached to this email is the list of potential names and bios, all of whom, we feel, would bring more balanced perspectives to the DRI committee in order to ensure robust debate of all of the science. This updated list includes the two additional names I mentioned in the meeting."

 Harm to the environment. Perdue has been called a climate-change skeptic, and the Environmental Working Group released a statement Wednesday night saying, “It’s certainly hard to imagine that a former fertilizer salesman will tackle the unregulated farm pollution that poisons our drinking water, turns Lake Erie green, and fouls the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.” He fought the EPA’s attempts under George W. Bush to enforce the Clean Air Act, and once wrote this in National Review: “Liberals have lost all credibility when it comes to climate science because their arguments have become so ridiculous and so obviously disconnected from reality.” When Georgia was hit by an epic drought in 2007, his response was partly to summon lawmakers to a prayer vigil on the Capitol’s steps.

One Simple Trick to Protect Your Children From Pedofile Catholic Priests...

Convert to Atheism... or Protestant, Baptist, Mormon, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Shinto or Confucianism... Simply do not go to Catholic Churches or Catholic Schools... Those Priests are WEIRDOS... 

Football Players and Soldiers get Concussions causing Permanent Brain Damage. Do Not Do Either Career... Think for Yourself and Question Authority.

While there is social pressure to conform, actually playing football can damage your body and mind for your entire life. Among my friends there is a tendency to have spinal pain about the age of 50... Long after the cheering of the crowds has become silent, men experience horrible pain all day long... to their regret. And brain damage isn't any fun either...

Since the US Military has not actually defended the Country since 1945, there is no real NEED for people to become soldiers... It's an all Volunteer Army now and it's easy to let some OTHER brainwashed fool go fight for corporate profit...

The Military/Industrial Complex needs Forever-wars in order to increase sales... Can anyone explain why we are fighting in Afghanistan? The "Bad Guys" (Taliban) are located in Pakistan... a different country... 9/11 was done by people from Saudi Arabia... also a different country... and Osama Bin Laden is Dead... President Obama killed him in Pakistan.

Remember History? We have fought many wars since WW2 and none have been about defending the USA. The Mission was always Corporate Profit... using some lame excuse... Fighting Communism... Fighting Terrorism... Fighting the Monsters that Live under Your Bed...

The USA was attacked on 9/11/2001 and the US Military Failed Completely to Defend the Country. Civilians took down the Airplane in Pennsylvania...
Combat veterans coming home with CTE. A brain disease best known for impacting football players who suffered concussions is now being found in soldiers due to explosions.